Love the nightlife? Argentina is the place to be!


Australia & Argentina.

Compare the pair.

Same hemisphere. Same love of sport.

But nightlife? Argentina wins every time.

Unfortunately, Australia has become known for it’s binge drinking ‘drink to get drunk’ culture. City streets in the early hours of the morning are busy with partygoers stumbling around, throwing up in gutters and trying to find a way home. Rubbish is everywhere, police try to control partygoers who are getting a bit too rowdy and ambulances stand by for the post clubbing carnage.

Sydney’s Kings Cross, a popular party scene.

In Argentina however, they sure know how to have a good night out. With pre dinner drinks to start the night, Argentine’s then head to restaurants for dinner around 9-10pm. Check out Dinner in Argentina, better late than never and Raising the Steaks for more info on the awesome food culture in Argentina.

After dinner, the options are endless. According to Escape from America (EFAM), the thriving nightlife in Argentina includes some of the world’s best DJs and tango performers. If you’re keen to get more involved, there are countless tango classes available also.

Most Argentines don’t “hit the clubs” til around 1 or 2am, so you may find yourself looking for something to fill time after dinner before you check out the clubbing scene. EFAM recommends heading to the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca where there is plenty of art, friendly artists always up for a chat, as well as various small clubs for comedy and theatre to keep you entertained.

Buenos Aires Boliches: Nightlife in BA explains that the boliches (nightclubs) in Buenos Aires run til around 7am. Porteños (Buenos Aires locals) aren’t heavy drinkers however, and are more likely to be found watching the sunrise by the river than stumbling around the city at the end of a night out.

NIGHT_boliche-2With all of this in mind, I think I’d much rather spend a night out in Argentina than Australia, wouldn’t you agree?

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