Raising the Steaks

In Argentina the population of cows outweighs the human population. It is not surprising then that steak has become a symbol of Argentina, and a delicious one at that.

An iconic food across the South American country, whether you like your steak ‘Vuelta y vuelta’ (super rare) or ‘Bien cocido’ (well-done), you’re sure to be impressed by this carnivorous delicacy.

With more than 50 million cows across the country, many ‘gauchos’ (cowboys) will describe beef as not just a food, but a way of life. Unsurprisingly, the average Argentinian consumes a whopping 65kg of beef each year, the world’s highest rate of beef consumption.

Argentinian Steak
Argentinian Steak

Value for money is in no way compromised when ordering this iconic meal, with a quality steak costing no more than 250 peso, roughly AUD$37.

Often served accompanied by ‘chimichurri’; a green sauce made with olive oil, garlic and parsley, and occasionally ‘salsa criolla’; a combination of diced tomato, onion and parsley, Pick up your Fork suggests Argentina’s steaks make the country a ‘leader in the carnivorous world’.

Carne y Chimichurri
Carne y Chimichurri

According to Lonely Planet’s Buenos Aires guidebook, ‘asado’, meaning barbecue, is a family tradition which typically takes place in backyards across the country on Sundays. Outside of the family home, ‘Parrillas’ (steakhouses) will take care of your barbecuing needs.

A traditional 'Asado'
A traditional ‘Asado’

With a range of cuts of beef on offer, choosing which steak to order is likely to be the only negative when it come to this South American specialty. A few common steak cuts on offer at Parrillas across Argentina include:

Bife de Chorizo – A popular thick, juicy cut of sirloin

Bife de Costilla – A T-bone or Porterhouse steak

Bife de Lomo – The most expensive cut on offer at Parrillas; tender, however often considered less flavoursome

Vacío – A flank steak; chewy, textured and flavourful

Entraña – A thinner, less pricey cut of steak, with a tonne of flavour

The steaks in Argentina won’t just meat your expectations, they’re guaranteed to exceed them.

Buen Apetito!

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